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The Team

Paul Stephens | Director

Paul has over 20 years experience managing contractors on fit-outs for the likes of Tesco and Bristol Airport. He’s worked with us for over four years on major bar and restaurant projects nationally, giving us the benefit of his experience and particular strengths: his knowledge of construction processes and his ability to manage budgets.

Before adolescence, Paul was a boy soprano with such a powerful voice that, as a party piece, he could shatter wine-glasses with his top C. He’d just begun offering a cost-effective service to the NHS and BUPA – his voice could shatter kidney stones, too – when, sadly, his voice broke.

His lucky tuber is the yam.

Helen Stephens | Creative Director

Cornwall-born Helen graduated from Falmouth School of Art and Design in 1989 and has over 20 years’ experience in the design industry. She worked in London before returning to Cornwall in 1991 to run her own studio. Helen is a fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, was a board director of the DBA and chaired The Cornwall Design Forum for 3 years.

If Helen was granted one superhero-power to use for a week she would choose the power of flight (or, if was cold out, the power to turn tapwater into Bollinger). 

Her lucky biscuit is the fig roll.

Niove Eracleous | Account Manager

Niove arrives in Cornwall from her roots in the Lake District via the scenic route: South America (travelling initially, then owning and managing a surf bar in Peru) and Dubai (high-profile roles for prestigious international brand management, design and strategic communications agencies).

Taught to knit when small by an aunt, Niove won Britain’s Fastest Knitter (2003) and was World Runner-Up the next year. She knitted a replica Simon Cowell in three minutes on Britain’s Got Talent but was disqualified after allegations about ‘performance-enhancing’ herbal tea. (Niove cleared her name, sued successfully and donated nearly all the proceeds to charity.)

Her lucky boiled sweets are Sherbet Lemons.

David Kennedy | Middleweight Graphic Designer

Since gaining a First in Graphic Design, David’s picked up plenty of experience in branding, print, digital and editorial design. He’s worked freelance and in-house for clients as diverse as Legal & General, Olympic Park Legacy Company and The National Trust, as well as devising viral marketing for a US anti-people-trafficking charity.

David has one of Europe’s Top Five Doormat Collections. At over 2,500, the collection encompasses 20 materials and 15 languages. His most valuable is the mat from outside the third Little Pig’s brick-built house, the one which The Big Bad Wolf failed to blow down.

His lucky tender perennial is the begonia.

Lauren Hood | Junior Graphic Designer

Lauren joins us after a stint freelancing for innovative agency The Storytellers, and, before that, clients such as Brand Brewery, Hive Health and Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare, all of whom both added to her expertise and benefitted from her talent and passion.

Had she not chosen design, Lauren could have made a handsome living as a ventriloquist. Perfectly able to deliver monologues, do impressions and even sing without moving her lips, Lauren still uses her skills occasionally, whether just for fun, or in difficult meetings when no one’s agreeing with her.

Her lucky pear is the Stinking Bishop.

Charlotte Strachan | Account Manager

Charlotte comes to us fresh from seven years in senior account management roles in Bristol and London, where she amassed a formidable array of skills, from day-to -day client liaison and media buying to long-term strategic research and planning.

Charlotte says she’s one of the world’s foremost experts in the art of growing ‘super-bonsai’ trees which, effectively, are just like bonsai trees, only much bigger. Most of us, however, just think of these as ‘trees’.

Her lucky Estuary is the Severn.

Zella Packer | Interior Designer

Zella enjoyed being brought up in Cornwall so much she chose to study near the sea, too, in Brighton. She then returned with a First and the skills, passion and curiosity to start a promising career in architectural renovation and interior design, in both residential and commercial settings.

Zella is an accomplished rabbit-whisperer. Rabbits are notoriously hard to train, but she can make a Netherland Dwarf drop carrots on command, persuade a French Lop to lie down and roll over, and has taught a Flemish Giant rudimentary line-dancing. Sadly, there’s little commercial outlet for her passion.

Her lucky star is Vindemiatrix.

Nicholas Bunt | Architectural Technician

Nick joins our team with bags of experience of architecture, interiors and engineering, having been, variously, a senior draughtsman, site supervisor and freelance architectural technologist.

Nick’s an all-time top Monopoly player, having won the South of England, All-England and UK titles between 2003 and 2011. Controversy clouded the World Championships in early 2012, however; he fought with an Australian over who was going to be the car, and accused the Japanese competitor of acquiring Vine Street without paying in full. His ban expires in 2016.

His lucky crackers are cream.

Ian White | Interior designer

Ian moves to Cornwall and joins us after the best part of seven years with a top London consultancy, bringing with him a solid and impressive background of working on interiors for a host of up-scale high street names.

As a boy, Ian had a prize-winning Flea Circus, whose performers he’d trained on trapeze, high-wire and tiny musical instruments he crafted from pasta and house-dust. The whole troupe was destroyed in the great Dog-Shampoo Disaster of ’91.

His lucky dynasty is Ming.

Ashley Taylor | Architectural Technician

Ashley has amassed plenty of experience and expertise as an architectural technician: working with planners, clients and contractors, drafting surveys and construction drawings and gaining valuable experience in a variety of settings, from large local authority to small residential projects.

Ashley is still the only child-actor to appear on Britain’s Got Talent as a furniture impersonator. After blowing the judges away with his ‘chest of drawers’, he made the next round and got a standing ovation for his ‘built-in wardrobe’, but lost a close quarter-final to a cat-on-stilts act.

His lucky paving is crazy.