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BTW and FYI, it’s DBA time. Again.


Just to recap, then: we do know we’re shortlisted, so we’re definitely taking home a (nother) Design Effectiveness Award from March’s ceremony. What we don’t know is whether it’ll be Bronze, Silver or Gold (one of which we won last year for our work with The Cornish Bakery, whom we helped to rebrand from Pasty Presto). The client who’s benefited this year from the effectiveness of our design input is Sapience HR. Thanks to their investment in our expertise, this small Cornish company found a way to compete with (and …

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And that was our summer ...

86 projects

The graphic and interior teams completed between them an epic 86 projects for our clients over the summer ‘holidays’ for our lovely clients #sleepinglessforclientssince1991

218 Cocktails

Loving our suppliers of fine cocktails here in Truro we have managed between us to consume 218. Although the boys would like to point out their’s looked more like beers. #thankabsoluteitsfriday

72 beach visits

With an amazing summer here in Cornwall a trip to the beach is a no brainer. We still reckon some days we were too dedicated not to escape the studio for some sand between our toes – you have no idea! #worklifebalance

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