Relax, this won’t hurt a bit …


… In fact, it might be the best thing you’ve ever done. You might imagine dentists don’t have to worry about brand, design, customer experience and the like (we’ve all got teeth, they all need fixing at some point, right?) but you’d actually be wrong. It’s tough out there for dentists. The work we’ve recently been doing with Wadebridge Dental has reminded us of how competitive their world is, and reminded them (we hope) not just of the value of all kinds of design, but the particular benefit of Absolute’s …

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A grand day out

Art Directing The Cornish Bakery Photoshoot

A recent day’s photo-shoot for a client had us wondering how best to describe the just-managed mania which, eventually, results in the polished pizazz of the finished article. The swan’s above-water elegance, perhaps, with all the ugly webbed action safely unseen? Or maybe the chaotic, dishes-littered, flour-encrusted kitchen, hours before the iced cake’s eventual emergence? However described, what a photo-shoot definitely does involve is the output of enormous energy – creative, emotional, physical – condensed into one very long day. But before anything else happens, of course, there’s the concept …

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BTW and FYI, it’s DBA time. Again.


Just to recap, then: we do know we’re shortlisted, so we’re definitely taking home a (nother) Design Effectiveness Award from March’s ceremony. What we don’t know is whether it’ll be Bronze, Silver or Gold (one of which we won last year for our work with The Cornish Bakery, whom we helped to rebrand from Pasty Presto). The client who’s benefited this year from the effectiveness of our design input is Sapience HR. Thanks to their investment in our expertise, this small Cornish company found a way to compete with (and …

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Twenty-HOW-long? Nineteen-ninety-WHAT?


25 years. 1991. Happy Absolute Birthday to us. I won’t say it all seemed so simple then, it probably never did, but did I have any clue what the next 25 years might look like? I did not. Nor, I guess, did any of us. In July 1991, I’m there in my box-room, post-college, post-first-London job, back in Cornwall and starting a business. For context, and by chance, that month saw the world’s first-ever web site and web server up and running, courtesy of Tim Berners-Lee. I know. Well, what …

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Absolutely FABulous Friday


Absolute’s Creative Director Helen here – I just wanted to update you on some the exciting happenings in and around our Cornish studio as we fire through a tonne of awesome work for our amazing clients. Firstly we are absolutely over the moon to say that, after a quite literally fab night in the Big Smoke, we have been awarded a FAB award in the ‘Interiors & Retail Environment’ category for our ongoing work with the strategic brand evolution of the delicious Cornish Bakery! Over the last few years we …

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Our Kind of Day!


Tomorrow is National Packaging Design Day (yes, it’s an actual day), and to celebrate, we’re pulling together some of our favourite packaging projects, some designed by Absolute, and some we admire from around the world. We do feel pretty qualified on this subject – Last month our Creative Director Helen was a judge in the Packaging Design Category of the International Food and Beverage (FAB) Awards, and we’ve also won a string of awards for our packaging design for Trewithen Dairy. So it’s fair to say we know a thing …

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What the judges had to say…


The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are one of the most sought after design prizes in the world. Why? Because they provide solid and compelling proof of the impact design can have on business success and demonstrate on a multitude of levels, why design is a sound commercial investment. Top CEOs and leaders from globally renowned businesses, met to deliberate and determine the winners in stages of judging. You can see the full list of 2016 judges here. Listen to what the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards Judges had to say about …

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Gold Victory – Our 5th DBA Award

Pictured L-R: The Cornish Bakery Commercial Manager Rosie, The Cornish Bakery MD Steve, Absolute Account Manager Cassie

Absolute are no stranger to DBA Design Effectiveness Awards, having won 4 silver awards previously, but we’ve always had our creative hearts set on a (very rare) Gold. Our long term dreams were answered on Thursday at London’s Tobacco Dock, when we took home our 5th DEA, and our first Gold, for our rebrand of Pasty Presto, now The Cornish Bakery. The DBA’s Design Effectiveness Awards have been championing the role of effective design in the creation of business growth since they were formed 27 years ago. These awards showcase …

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Interior Trends From London to Cornwall for 2016


At Absolute, we might be over 300 miles from the big smoke but that doesn’t mean we aren’t staying on trend. We’ve got a busy and exciting year ahead and it’s important for our interiors team to stay updated with new materials, methods and techniques in order for Absolute’s Designs to continue being as unique and cutting edge as the capital. We’re visiting some of the top London Trade shows including 100% Design, Clerkenwell, Sleep and of course Decorex to ensure that we’re seeing the latest products.   The Big, …

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Goodness, is that the time?


We must have blinked. Last we knew it was – what? – about August 2015. And now look.   People say if you want something done, ask someone who’s busy. Seems to be something in that: in 2015, the more we did, the more we did. And then, on top of that, the more we were asked to do.   It’s not like we didn’t have help, we had plenty, including six new staff members. Even so, we were pretty flat out. Taking into account 22 new clients, between Interiors …

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