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Brand Strategy

Starting off on the right foot…

A brand’s not something imposed on your business from the outside. Branding done well works the other way round. We help you find out what your business is really like and what makes it tick; once we’ve found it, we help you tell the world about it.

This is why it’s crucial to spend time with you, to work with you, to make sure that we really get to understand the heart and soul of your company. Market research is part of this process, and so are the workshops where we help you identify and develop the different facets that make up your brand.

Daily business life makes conflicting demands; it distracts, confuses, sidelines you and clouds issues. A strong, well-developed brand strategy drives your business and keeps it focused.


Are you sure you’re getting the best from your brand?

Is it working hard enough?
Does it do what it should as well as you’d like?

People often underestimate the influence a great brand can have on a company’s future; and sometimes they don’t know how to fully exploit this power.

Our approach is consultative; this helps us to understand completely how much your brand means to your business. Depending on the level of help you want, we offer everything from a comprehensive analysis to a second opinion. But whatever the scale of our involvement, the focus stays the same: on the customer and on how they perceive your brand.


If your company has more than one brand, the challenge you face is to manage them, to make sure the fit between them is right, to make sure – in other words – that you get the blend right.

You wouldn’t expect us to say there’s only one way to achieve this; clearly there are plenty. We’ll work with you to find what works best for your particular needs and then help you make whatever changes we all decide on. We can also provide the rules and tools for effective management over the long term.