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What’s in a name?

A great name is more than just a label, a necessity or a description.

It sets you apart from competitors, makes an emotional connection with your audience and is the facet of your brand likeliest to ignite your customers’ passions.

Some successful names seem so right and natural that you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d just kind of appeared, as if by magic. In truth, though, it’s nearly always the case that a process was responsible for the birth of the name.

Following our brand strategy work we would present back a number of name options and then during a 1/2 day session objectively test them (we like to call it the ‘Name Game’) and create a short list of 1-2 names to take to design stage.

This work gives you the confidence that what may sound like a strange word, can and will work for your long term to help take you successfully to where you want to be.