Watergate Bay Hotel

Absolute worked with The Hotel and Extreme Academy @ Watergate Bay for 5 years, employing a phased, cost-effective strategy that helped the hotel move away from the traditional kitsch of a ‘granny’s coach tour’-style beachside holiday resort, to what it is known for today, a cool ‘ski chalet on the beach’.

With fresh and clean barefoot comfort at its surf and sun-drenched heart, this repositioning transformed The Hotel into a design-savvy year-round hotspot – the success of which can be seen in a significant increase in annual visitor figures (30% increase during the first year of redesign).

The interior design concept was carried out in a series of stages in order to keep cost and disturbance to a minimum. After the completion of the airy and relaxed Living Space Bar and Restaurant, Absolute progressed to thirty rooms in the main hotel building, including two master suites and two junior suites and then the Coach House bedrooms followed.

Using a sumptuous colour palette alongside natural materials such as reclaimed oak, the rooms were infused with the spirit of the unique and visually stunning location. Aiming to create some of the ‘best rooms in Cornwall’, Absolute also added glamorous touches such as deep baths adjacent to the large bay windows, ultimately evoking the sense that the ocean is just a leg stretch away. As part of the brief, Absolute was also tasked with creating communications materials that would bolster The Hotel’s proposition. The resultant ‘Another Place’ magazine-style brochure, with its unusual imagery and tongue-in-cheek styling, went on to win a Design Effectiveness Award in 2008 – the industry holy grail for work that makes a genuine commercial impact.

“Absolute have been an instrumental part of our recent success. Their innovative approach to our rebranding and interior design allowed us to attract our new target market more quickly than we had anticipated. Our long standing relationship with Absolute is testament to our continued belief in their abilities.”