The Narrows for Wetherspoon

The Narrow’s took over the UK’s last manual telephone exchange which ended its service
at 7am on Thursday 26th June 1975, the building was also home to the town’s Post Office. This is the 5th pub designed and delivered for J D Wetherspoon.

Key design influences were taken from the historic use of the two buildings, celebrating it’s past and sharing the story with the local community. The large open space lent itself to an industrial and atmospheric design and original brick and tiles that were uncovered where retained or refurbished. We softened this approach with the use of reclaimed timber cladding in various washed colours.

A feature concrete fireplace to the rear of the property gives the pub a focal point, with artwork in this area sourced and collected by Absolute to include historical and modern day stamps from the Commonwealth and items stamped with the Abingdon post mark.

A bit of humour was added to the toilets with bright red urinals sat against printed wall tiles to mimic public phone boxes!