Lands End Hotel

Absolute were responsible for the interior design and fit out of The Land’s End Hotel restaurant and bar, and it’s totally befitting its truly stunning location at the very end of the Country.

Through our design concepts we’ve brought the personality of the locality inside, using local materials such as Cornish stone cladding and copper, in addition to weather boards and maps to help ‘tell the story’ stories of different peoples quests to take the John I Groats to lands end journey, using images found stored away when we were doing the refurb we bought them back to life. With some nifty zoning, we’ve made the Hotel restaurant and bar one of the best places to watch a stunning Cornish sunset, or a raging Atlantic storm, whether you’re popped in for a pint or staying for full some food.

“We really wanted to make this one of the most iconic venues in Cornwall – one that people would talk about and recommend,” said Helen Stephens, Creative Director. “We had to work to a tight budget for the first phase and we did have to work closely with the client to achieve the right aesthetic and operational needs. But, the refurbishment really compliments the hotel’s magical location, providing the interior with a personality to match.”