Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall

Absolute celebrates working with the team at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall on the launch of the restaurant in 2006 and again in 2013 for the refurbishment and adding of an antipasti bar and shop.

Absolute’s original ethos “exploiting the contrast behind fine dining and a beach hut” stood the second time around and successfully added the new features into some of the original design seamlessly.

“We wanted to create something that although reflected what had gone before stood on its own merit and translated Fifteen’s original urban look into something that was more relevant to a coastal location” comments Helen Stephens

The result delivers all of the ‘special features’ requested by the man himself but with a twist, so instead of a chandelier Absolute installed alongside the existing meandering lighting installation that stretches the length of the room of 78 water drop shaped pendants with a collection of Tom Dixon lights which mix beautifully with the traditional hand blown glass droplets over the Antipasti bar and sharing table.

A crisp white curved antipasti bar are contrasted by traditional bar stools you would expect to find in an Italian Bar. A retro black and white check floor links your eye to the colourful, rustic retail space.

Exploiting the contrast between fine dining and a beach hut, Absolute’s work on Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall – successfully fuses the key provisos laid out by Jamie Oliver with an understanding of Cornish coastal culture. Dynamic and vibrant, it mixes aspects of clear-cut elegance with flashes of unorthodox colour and form. Overlooked by water drop-shaped pendants that adorn the ceiling, guests can revel in the dichotomy between the expanse of the Atlantic on one side and the open-plan energy of the Fifteen kitchen on the other.

A truly unique and challenging venture, Absolute’s work on Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall continues to astonish, impress, and delight.

“Totally loving it” JAMIE OLIVER