The Cribbar for Wetherspoon is one of the best know pub chains in the UK, and is well known for their more traditional bars, and smart, effective design however they would not expect to be revered in style bar design circles or known as a company who normally innovates or sets new standards on the design scene. However on this project, we really won them around. This setting is one of their biggest in the UK.

It was therefore vital that the final concept appealed to the various markets and could also ensure continual footfall and spend from 9am til 4am, seven days a week. The first 6 months of business their key objective have been met. From the top down, The Cribbar concept has been praised and embraced by staff at all levels within the organisation and has set new standards for all future Wetherspoon designs.

The surf market is a set of seriously hard to crack individuals who are globally travelled and laidback – but style critical at the same time. If the bar had followed the expected ‘corny’ or ‘cheesy’ design routes, it would have been instantly rubbished by the local trade that is an invaluable constant year round. Instead, we had the grace to know when we needed help, and thus enlisted the advice and assistance of the world-respected, but Newquay-based Carve Magazine editors. Their recommendations saw us completely refining a number of our surf related features and elements, highlighting some areas and removing others. As a result, as soon as the bar opened, exciting praise on the social media sites used by key members of the surf community started appearing. Quotes such as these go to prove that we have not just met expectations, but exceeded them.

We have also worked hand-in-hand with our chosen suppliers and have truly allowed them to innovate. The 16 foot concrete bar, one of the longest in the country, was made from concrete by Lowinfo, the gold ceiling by Absolute’s own fit out team.

The Cribbar has without a doubt garnered more column inches in terms of crucial media coverage than any other pub in JD Wetherspoons’ history. Pieces in bar and pub magazines as well as in the hospitality trade have showcased all of the joint work.

Esquire Magazine’s ‘Bar of the week.’ 2012

World Architectural News Shortlist Best New International Bar 2012

The Loo of the Year  Awards – Platinum 2013

Restaurant and Bar Awards Shortlisted Best New Multiple Bar or Club 2013