Unlocking Potential

Absolute were delighted to win a national tender to work with Unlocking Cornish Potential in their rebrand. UCP were well established and highly thought of in the public sector for their support to graduates and businesses in Cornwall, but they could easily see their model working in other County’s in the UK so knew they needed to rebrand and tweak their name. They also wanted to be seen as less public sector focussed and more business to business so the brand styling needed to engage in a more personal and friendly way without loosing the professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy brand assets the company already had.

The brand identity also had to work across many different departments in different locations without confusing.

The results are a bright and dynamic logo. The colour bars allow links to each department whilst subtle references to a hand which relates to the help that Unlocking Potential gives to their clients.

Bold bright headlines help to share punchy to the point messages long side styled imagery.