Tideford Organics

Award-winning food producer Tideford Organics has enlisted our help in the next stage of their product development.

Tideford is an established an successful company and brand with a regular customer base including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Harvey Nicholls and Harrods, not to mention a large number of independent deli’s and health food shops.

However, since their launch in 1996 the organic food market had become crowded and incredibly competitive and it was time to review the brand and the positioning to develop a strategy that would increase market penetration and increase sales, as well as reinforce Tidefords position as one of the pioneers of healthy, tastey, organic foods.

Creating a distinctive brand, one that would stand up against it’s mainstream competitors and stand out on the shelves, was a primary objective. However, maintaining the small, independent and honest characteristics of the company was also important… Tideford wanted consumers to buy into their passion for food, not just the quality and imagination behind the recipes.

Tideford’s philosophy is “food only tastes like it was made by someone who cares when it’s made by someone who cares”. We couldn’t agree more, so get ready for a feast but make sure you leave room for pudding!