Simply Cornish

Simply Cornish was a new brand. The vision was to create a Cornish premium brand, authentic enough to capture the hearts of the Cornish, yet strong enough to capture the imagination of the international tourists. Absolute were tasked with creating the brand identity, the tone of voice, and, along with a well known Cornish photographer, implement the brand style to a whole range of confectionary products.

A unique blend of traditional Cornish imagery with modern opulence was the resulting scheme. Dramatic, energetic Cornish scenes were mixed with deep, warm colours and the range came to life. Implemented to boxes, tins and bottles, the Simply Cornish range is instantly recognisable, with a look of sophistication and luxury.

The whole range has had a fantastic launch with retailers hugely receptive to both the brand and the range. Sales, too, are ahead of schedule, which is driving production and exploration into new products into the range.