Case Study 1 – The Cornish Bakery

Pasty Presto was founded in Mevagissey in 1994.  Steve Grocutt saw a small business opportunity to employ a couple of local people to make and sell pasties from a small shop in the small fishing village to tourists. The success of this saw the birth of Pasty Presto. The company had a steady growth for 20 years reaching 29 shops throughout the country.

Following the governments introduction of the Pasty Tax, the major media coverage as well as the Olympic games effect on tourism in the UK, Pasty Presto saw turnover drop by 5% in just one year.  The client was faced with either shutting up shop or investing.

Absolute reviewed the company, the products, the brand, the customers and the buyer’s attitudes from top-to-bottom as well as highly recommending a customer research strategy.

Our Interior and Graphic creative teams worked as a team to bring the brand styling and tone of voice together at every level. New colour pallete and brand ethos along with a new name The Cornish Bakery, new interior styling all gave the company a new focus and help them differentiate themselves on the high street.

The commercial impact has been instant and staggering; allowing this relatively small retail company to punch well above its weight.  The first of 3 trial shops in Barnstaple, which was on the list for closeur went from a loss to a profit in the first three months and has continued to be profitable saving 10 jobs. Overall, and within less than a year, Pasty Presto had added a massive 18% increase in sales on the previous year.

Pasty Presto’s investment in their brand redesign has kept failing shops open, saved jobs and the new compelling brand is winning fans and followers all over the country whilst the company undergoes rapid growth and development as a direct result.

“We could have opted to sell up or sell-out. However, we decided to meet the situation head on with an ambitious growth and brand investment strategy, enlisting the help of our creative agenciy Absolute. The results have been transformational in so many ways, I wish I’d looked for and taken this strategic external assistance earlier.”